Fiber cement sheets, textured in low relief type wood grain, offering:

  • Excellent aesthetic appearance in the application of roof bases.
  • High assembly performance without waste.
  • High resistance to impact and environmental agents.
  • Absence of visible joints between sheets.

Propiedades :

  • Dimensions

Dimensions (m)
Dimensions (m)
Applications Thicknesses
1.22 2.44 Mezzanines 20* mm
Bases of ceilings 14
Facades and screens 11 – 14
Exterior decorative walls 11 y 14 mm
Interior decorative walls 8 y 11 mmm
1.22 0.605 Ceiling 6 mm
0.30 2.44 Tongued and grooved ceiling 8 mm
Decorative internal walls 8 mm

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Roof Base


Aplicación como base de techo

It is recommended:

  • 14 mm thick sheets, with the textured face towards the interior of the space.
  • Fixed to the structure of straps placed every 61 cm with screws.
  • Finally Plycem tile or waterproofing mantle with clay tile or asphalt tile or other type of finish is placed.


Interior and exterior walls

Aplicación en paredes interiores y exteriores


Distances of Fixings for Applications in Interior, Exterior and Façade Walls of Flat Plycem, Slotted, Clapboard and Wood Texture

Maximum distances Interior walls Exterior walls Facades
Perimeter distance between screws 300 mm 250 mm 250 mm
Central distance between screws 600 mm 400 mm 400 mm
Distance from screws to edge 15 mm 15 mm 40 mm


Tongueted Saturn Sky

Cielo Raso Machihembrado