Plycem teja is a corrugated sheet of cement reinforced with mineralized fibers, for the construction of covers, which comes in standard (gray) and colonial (integral red) presentations.

Field of application: It is recommended in buildings for residential and other use, where the maximum height does not exceed 5 m (from the floor); can be installed directly on the structure with free distance between supports of 0.70 m maximum, called basic system or as a ceiling finish on flat or grooved base called residential system.

Propiedades :

  • Dimensions

Dimensions (m)
Total length
Dimensions (m)
Useful length
Overlaps (m)
Overlaps (m)
Surface (m2) Slopes Weight (Kg / Piece) Colors
0.91 0.71 0.03 0.15 0.93 Recommended 27% 9,33 Plycem roof tile: Gray
0.61 0.41 a. 0.20 0,69 Minimum 15% 6,22 Plycem colonial tile: integral red

Strap distribution


Transportation and Handling

Basic System

It refers to the case of tiles installed directly on a system of metal or wood belts.

Residential System

Plycem shingle sheets used as exterior finish of ceilings, installed on pylcem flat or grooved.