Sheet designed and recommended for roofs to be installed under strong load conditions and / or winds. Mechanical strength equivalent to caliber 22. Composed by: steel ASTM 366 or ASTM 653 according to its application, coated by modified asphalt on both sides and lacquered aluminum colors: white, blue, green.

Propiedades :

Thickness of the sheet:±2.00 mmWeight per linear meter:5.57 kg/ml
Total width:
87 cmAcoustic isolation:
Reduction of noise up to 20 db in relation to zinc.
Useful width:78 cmThickness of the steel:0.45 mm
Distance between trapezoids:19.50 cm0.00247(m2h (c/kcal)
1.60 to 12.00 mWeight per square meter:6.40 kg/m2
Number of trapezoids:5 trapezoidsMaximum flown:35 cm
Depth between trapezoids:37 mmThermal resistance:(a T 72 (c)
Side lap:1 trapezeMaximum distance between supports:3.10 m (L/120)
Overlap:9 cmMinimum inclination:5%