Coverib sheets are the current standard for warehouses and large room developments. They are more rigid than the corrugated sheets and the greater height of their profile, as well as the width of their channels, makes the water flow more quickly and does not exceed the height of the wave. This is very important in large ceilings or low slopes.

Propiedades :

Thickness of the sheet:±2.00 mmWeight per linear meter:4.84 kg/ml
1.60 to 12.00 mWeight per square meter:5.56 kg/m2
Total width:87 cmAcoustic isolation:
Reduction of noise up to 20 db in relation to zinc.
Useful width:78 cmThickness of the steel:0.35 mm
Number of trapezoids:5 trapezoidsMaximum flown:30 cm
Depth between trapezoids:37 mmThermal resistance:(a T 72 (c)
Distance between trapezoids:19.50 cm0.00303(m2h (c/kcal)
Overlap:9 cmMinimum inclination:5%
Side lap:1 trapezeMaximum distance between supports:1.90 m (L/120)