The flat Plycem sheets of cement reinforced with mineralized fibers combine the following advantages:

  • Highly resistant as cement, the nobility and workability of wood.
  • They can be used both in structural applications (roof bases, mezzanines, facades, etc.) and in decorative applications (ceiling, partition walls, etc.).

Propiedades :

  • Dimensions
Dimensions (m)
Dimensions (m)
Thickness (mm) Recommended applications
1.22 2.44 6 Suspended ceilings
3.05 8 Fixed ceilings, interior walls
11 Facades, exterior walls, walls of bathrooms and kitchens, high traffic walls
14 Bases of ceilings, facades, exterior walls
17 Bases of ceilings, facades, mezzanines
20 Bases of ceilings, facades, mezzanines

Mezzanines with Plycem Plano

Entrepisos con Plycem Plano

  • Laminations of 17 or 20 mm are recommended.
  • The sections of beams and columns are defined according to calculation.
  • The distance between belts must be 0.61 m to which the sheets are fixed through connectors (dimensions and size according to calculation = every 0.61 m.
  • The Truckson mesh is placed and finally a 5 cm thick concrete mortar.
  • Each with high flexural strength and excellent load distribution, Plycem mezzanines are lightweight, quick to install.


Facades with Plycem Plano

Fachadas con Plycem Plano


Walls with Plycem Plano

Paredes con Plycem Plano

The walls constructed with flat Plycem can be:

  • Used indoors and outdoors, always respecting the manufacturer’s technical recommendations.
  • The structure must be correctly aligned and plumb before fixing the sheets.


Distance fixings for applications on interior walls, exteriors and facades of flat Plycem

  1. For the fixation of Plycem sheets to the metallic structure, it is necessary to use screws No 8 x 1 1/4 “self-tapping and self-countersunk with drill bit.
  2. For correct fixing, the screws must be located respecting the minimum distances between them, at the edges and at the corners.
  3. Place the screws in perpendicular position to the plates and crossing the structure at least 3 threads.

Distancia de fijaciones para aplicaciones en paredes interiores, exteriores y fachadas de Plycem plano


Accessories for the installation of Plycem sheets in partitions

Accesorios parra la instalación de las Láminas Plycem en tabiques


Ceiling Bases with Flat Plycem

Bases de Techo con Plycem Plano

  • Place the sheets transversely to the supporting structure.
  • Place the sheets with the alternating joints.
  • Use the appropriate fasteners.


Suspended sky suspended with Plycem Plano

Cielo Raso suspendido con Plycem Plano

  • On a structure of aluminum profiles reinforced in both directions in modules of 0.60 x 1.20 m or 0.60 x 0.60 m, the flat Plycem sheets are installed.
  • Fix with pins or nails every 0.60 m.
  • Contributes to thermal and acoustic insulation.


Parasols with Plycem Plano

Parasoles con Plycem Plano


Properties of Plycem sheets

Propiedades de las láminas Plycem