Acerotec sheets are excellent thermal and acoustic insulation reflecting up to 75% of the solar rays and reducing the sound up to 20 decibels compared to a galvanized sheet. They are also practical and durable, easy to handle and assemble, which allows an installation of 350 to 400 m2 per day and per crew. These films are safe and reliable as evidenced by their great acceptance in the market and certificates of recognition at an international level.

Propiedades :

Thickness of the sheet:±1.70 mmWeight per linear meter:3.47 kg/ml
1.60 to 12.00 mWeight per square meter:4.96 kg/m2
Total width:
84 cmAcoustic isolation:
Reduction of noise up to 20 db in relation to zinc.
Useful width:70 cmThickness of the steel:0.26 mm
Number of waves:9.5 wavesMaximum flown:20 cm
Depth between waves:19 mmThermal resistance:(a T 72 (c)
Distance between waves:8.7 cm0.0027(m2h (c/kcal)
Overlap:14 cmMinimum inclination:5%
Side lap:1½ waveMaximum distance between supports:1.30 m (L/120)